Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Babies

Could two babies look anymore alike and not be twins or even the same sex?
The first one is Rance and the 2nd is me, his mother.
Cracks me up!

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Penny and her Puss N Boots face

Penny could be a grouchy little chihuahua, but then she would look up at you with such a sweet innocent face just like puss n boots on shrek. She never was grouchy with me though. She loved me!
In the picture she is wagging her tail, and the tip is just a blur!
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Some days it seems all I do is cry. I miss Mamaw so much I can't stand it at times. I hate crying in front of anyone, but I do it a lot lately.
Wednesday morning I took out the trash and I forgot about Penny following me. When she didn't come to the door later with Girl, I went out and called and called for her. I went all the way around the house because that is usually where she is when I have to look for her. Finally, I glanced out towards the road and there she was. A brown crumpled mess. I could tell from the house she was dead. I couldn't go out there. I went and got our neighbor, Mr. Carlton, and he got her and buried her at their farm. He and his wife are such a nice couple. They sat and talked with me until I quit crying. I loved that little dog even though she was grouchy to the boys, pottied in the house, and ate her own poop. She loved me, and she tried to protect me. Just ask my mother.
I am so tired of being sad.